Disgusting: Video from Whites Attacked by ‘Freddie Gray’ Mob Shows Handicapped Woman Under Assault

There was video of this incident in Baltimore from far away, but this morning I found this video from one of the patrons inside the bar, and halfway through it, you clearly see that they’re trying to protect a handicapped woman in a wheelchair under the onslaught of projectiles thrown by the unruly mob.

Watch below:

At one point, a man holding a protest sign yells, “shut up bitch!” to a white woman trying to stave off the protesters.

Here are two screenshots of the woman in a wheelchair:

blacks attack whites handicapped cropped

But of course, we’re going to be told the protest and looting had nothing to do with race, right? Is that why people protected their businesses by putting out “black owned” signs out front?

Hmmmm. Makes ya think.

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