Black Twitter REALLY HATES CNN’s Don Lemon

While perusing the social media reaction to the Baltimore riots, I noticed a lot of negative reaction from what appeared to be accounts from African-Americans against CNN’s Don Lemon. While he’s said some fairly stupid things as an anchor, I was shocked at what I found when I looked into it.

That one got a ton of retweets, but there were plenty of others who were highly critical of the Lemon [caution! liberal language ahead!!]:

“Drop him” huh? Sounds like a death wish.

And I’m sure all these people calling him a “faggot” are all racist Tea Party blacks, right?

In fact, I see all tweets calling him a “nigger” are from black people, none from white people.

Now look none of this may mean anything, we all know how social media brings out the worst in us. But A lot of the tone of these tweets seems to be aimed at his “acting white,” when I’m pretty sure he’s a left-wing liberal. Despite this, the few times he’s come out and told the black community to pull up their pants was enough for him to be shunned forever. At least on Twitter.

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