CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Tries to Prove ‘Thug’ is Racist, Internet Makes Her Look Stupid

See this is why I love Twitter! Soledad O’Brien was a guest on CNN today whining that the word “thug” is just coded language for the n-word, and racist. Of course her reasoning is that it’s only applied to blacks. Right. She continued on Twitter:

In the minds of her idiot followers, they immediately conclude the reason is race, right?

Now there’s a good reason why Madoff wasn’t widely called a thug – that word implies violence. Like burning down a CVS. Or beating up white people out of racism. Or throwing bricks at police. Madoff did none of that, he used his wit to screw people out of money. Properly using the definition means he’s not a thug.

But that just makes Soledad a liar, purposely ignoring what the word means in order to try to make a political point.

This makes her an idiot:

Yup, thanks to a friendly follower on Twitter, her idiotic suggestion is shown up to be a lie. C’mon Soledad you couldn’t have spared a minute to google it? LOL!

And you think she’ll go back on CNN to correct her error? Bwahahahah! Yeah NO.

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