Hillary Says She’ll Give Citizenship to Anyone Who ‘Can Contribute to The Economy’

Hillary came out earlier fully for amnesty, but she ramped up her rhetoric today when meeting with Obama’s “dreamers,” saying that she wouldn’t “throw away” anyone who can contribute to the economy.

Watch below:

This is fundamentally absurd and obviously said without giving a thought to what it actually means. Is she gonna hand out citizenship to ANYONE who “can” contribute to the economy? Because that’s a hell of a lot of people around the world. Further, is that actually gonna be in the law? Because Democrats oppose bills Republicans have suggested trying to keep welfare out of the hands of immigrants, illegal or otherwise. So it’s complete BS that she’s shoveling, and unfortunately too many Americans are willing to swallow it by the shovelful.

All those morons are too stupid to remember that not more than a year ago she said we needed to send back all the unaccompanied illegal minors that were streaming over our borders.