‘Tolerant’ Bomb Threats Strike Hispanic Business Over ‘White Appreciation Day’

While liberals’ whining over a Hispanic-owned business instituting its “White Appreciation Day” is rather funny, they thought they’d show their famous “tolerance” by calling in bomb threats that shut down the BBQ restaurant for a few hours.

From 9 News Colorado:

The restaurant in Milliken that gained national attention after a 9NEWS story about it’s idea for a “White Appreciation Day” was evacuated Friday due to a bomb threat.
The Hispanic owner of Rubbin Buttz BBQ, Edgar Antillion, says they received numerous threats Friday.

The restaurant hung a sign reading “White Appreciation Day! June 11th. Because all Americans should be celebrated!!” It plans on giving white customers a 10 percent discount.

Antillon, who was born to Mexican parents, pointed to Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month.

This is especially heinous:

Ricardo Romero, a civil rights activist in northern Colorado, called the plan “a perpetuation of racism.” Jennifer McPherson with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies says people who believe they are discriminated against can file a complaint with the civil rights division.

Well they’re screwed.

The BBQ shop owner mentioned the bomb threats on Facebook:

Waiting for the all clear. Pulling out the prime rib that people missed out on due to the bomb threat. (Investigation still going on).Prime rib sandwiches tomorrow though, as well as smoked filet mignon.

Posted by RUBBIN’ BUTTZ BBQ on Friday, May 8, 2015

Let’s hope these degenerate liberals stop showing their “tolerance” to those who disagree with them.

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