News Anchor, Actor Fooled by Idiotic Fake Ted Cruz ‘Girl Scout’ Story

Here’s a little hot tip for all you Twitterers out there – if you see a story that’s too good to be true, and it feeds your political biases, it probably isn’t true and if you tweet it you’ll look like a moron.

Oh here’s a handy example!

Yeah that’s Ted Cruz’s communications director and she had to break the news to this local news anchor that he got bamboozled by a fake news story on a fake news site:

If you’ll notice, the website has an extra “.co” part to the link, which means it’s not the real USA Today site. But ol’ David Nelson don’t care because he just likes stories that make Ted Cruz look dumb. Of course, Ted Cruz would absolutely destroy David Nelson in debate, but hey let’s not left facts get in the way.

Here’s another moron caught by Amanda:

Here’s the second moron’s tweet:

Neither have deleted their tweets, so the story will keep propagating forever, making Ted Cruz look dumb. Because liberals can’t debate open and honestly, they have to disseminate lies.

UPDATE!! David has deleted his tweet, as you can see above:

Now go and make fun of both of them for us on Twitter. Thanks!

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