SNL Ripped Off Their ‘Draw Muhammed’ Sketch From The Canadians!!

Our Canadian-born buddy Steven Crowder immediately spotted what others didn’t about that hilarious Saturday Night Live ‘Draw Muhammed’ sketch from this weekend – it was ripped off from Canadian television.

Here’s the 22 Minutes version:

That was posted way back in January on YouTube, with 50k views. Now you might say that it was a case of “great minds think alike,” right? Maybe SNL came up with the same idea on their own and not from plagiarizing the “22 Minutes” show. Except they’re strikingly similar, even down to the million dollar prize.

Here’s the Saturday Night Live version for comparison:

The only difference is that the SNL sketch is longer, to stretch the premise as they are often wont to do. Oh also the “22 minutes” one is funnier. Yeah I dunno, I think our Canuckian friend caught them red-handed. We should have known – SNL hasn’t been that funny in years.

What’s the punishment in “America’s hat,” AKA Canuckistan, for plagiarizing Muhammed jokes? I’m pretty sure it’s either beheading with a maple leaf shaped scimitar or being forced to watch an entire season of curling.

h/t the right scooooooop!
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