Gender issues

Caution: If You Sit Next To a Feminist They Might DO This Creepy Thing to You!

Trigger Warning: Startling examples of dumbass Feminism contained within.

Feminist Jessica Valenti is so insane that sometimes we wonder if she’s a real person or a secret conservative trying to discredit feminism. Here’s the latest weird and creepy example:

She followed it with this:

I mean there’s all sorts of things wrong with this ridiculous conclusion she reaches. How does she know that he doesn’t follow any women at all? Was she able to check his entire follow list while creepily looking over his shoulder? Doubtful. But she assumes she can. Let’s grant the brain-diseased harpy that she actually was able to see his entire follow list. So what? How is that sexism? Is this really how women are being oppressed? By not being followed enough on Twitter?!

What a freaking weirdo.

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