Why Not One of The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Hypocrites Gives a Damn About This Murdered Black Man

SO many of us are sick and tired of seeing “black lives matter” hypocrites pontificating nobly about how burning down a CVS is a good way to protest, and there’s a good reason for it. When it comes to black men like Xavier Arnold, they don’t give a damn.

Why is that? Because his murderers are black too.

Watch below:

More from WSV-TV:

Prosecutors said Xavier Arnold was shot and killed while walking along a bike trail in Kirkwood in 2013.

Wainwright was 14 and Qutravius Palmer was 20 when they attempted to rob Arnold, his girlfriend, Xenia Aims, and friend Ibrahim Sanusi.

Wainwright and Palmer were sentenced Tuesday morning to three life sentences plus 15 years.

Aims testified in the trial, describing the day Arnold was killed.

Aims said Wainwright shot Arnold in the head and took off, with Palmer right behind him.

Wainright said he was just doing what Palmer told him to do.

Palmer said he had nothing to do with the crime.

Aims said Sanusi told her that Palmer did egg Wainwright that day.

“He said, ‘I remember him yelling, “Shoot him, shoot him,'” Aims said.

“Black Lives Matter” hypocrites defend a thug like Mike Brown, saying they can’t wait for the “blameless victim,” but there aren’t marches or big speeches made for the victims like Xavier Arnold, who are good decent people. It doesn’t help push their racist narrative to admit that on average SIXTEEN blacks are killed by other blacks every day in America. If they admitted that, they’d actually have to admit that a large part of the problem is the propensity to violence in black communities.

May God bless Arnold’s mother who raised such a good son, and now is grieving his loss because two pathetic worthless thugs followed the examples praised in rap and gangsta culture that glorify robbery and murder.