Idiotic Washington Post Ties Biker Gang Thugs to SARAH PALIN?!

The Washington Post is just trolling Sarah Palin by trying to connect her to the murderous biker gangs that shot each other up in Waco, Texas.

Behold their stupidity:

This is yet another attempt by the media to frame the Waco killings as “white-on-white” crime in order to prove a bias against minorities, despite the fact that some of the bikers were black, and many of the “Bandidos” gang, a Hispanic gang, were Hispanic! What a coincidence! LOL!

No the reason these [black Hispanic] white gangs get away with it is because of Sarah Palin:

Over in a corner of Twitter that most of white America doesn’t visit (because apparently our social media networks are about as segregated as they are in real life), snark took over. Many tweeted ironically about the corrosive influence of biker culture on weekend warriors and the imperative need for white leaders to denounce the broader scourge of “white on white crime” in front of hashtags like, “#stuffthemedianeversays.” Pictures of Sarah Palin and in leather biker gear popped up along below tweets about “radical white politicians, who “coddle,” and commune with, “thugs.” The subtext of all of it was clear: This is what the world’s paid and volunteer shouter corps say when the tragedies involve black people, not white.

And what’s ironic is that it’s been proven that the “Black Lives Matter” protests were ACTUALLY paid for! I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that the idiots who conflate illegal immigration and legal immigration are also equating outlaw murderous biker gangs with guys who just like riding a Harley.

Even more brilliant, the author of the piece follows this up with the pinnacle of Black Twitter that “most of white America doesn’t visit” – the white idiot John Fugelsang!

Well why the hell not, right? Fugelsang is often trotted out by MSNBC to comment on, or rather, insult Christianity even though he’s an atheist, so why not have him represent Black Twitter too? LOL!

These attempts to prove the racial narrative in America are getting even more blindingly stupid. Keep it up, liberals, I enjoy the laughter! LOL!

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