Pathetic – City of Ferguson Installs Mike Brown PLAQUE to Honor Market-Robbing, Cop-Attacking Thug

The city of Ferguson will honor its most distinguished former citizen, Mike Brown, for his humanitarian activism in the fields of grocery-store thievery, immigrant entrepreneur battery, and assault of police officers. Truly, Mike Brown’s thuggery epitomized the best values of the black community in Ferguson and in many other towns in America, which is why he shall be honored forever.

Here’s the plague, I mean plaque, sorry:

mike brown plaque1

If you can’t read the plague, it reads as follows:

In Memory of Mike O.D. Brown

I would like the memory of Michael Brown to be a happy one. He left an afterglow of bruises and contusions on everyone he met. He leaves an echo thundering of paid protesters through the decrepit buildings of Ferguson, chanting softly that cops must die and whitey is to blame. He’d like the tears of those he beat up and of the business-owners whose livelihood were tore down in his name, to cry forever in his memory.

OK that’s not really what it says.

More from the St. Louis Dispatch:

The memorial to Michael Brown on Canfield Drive has been removed and will replaced by a plaque, Mayor James Knowles III and Michael Brown Sr. announced Wednesday.

Knowles said the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis will store the stuffed animals and other items that have formed the temporary memorial down the center of Canfield Drive since Aug. 9, when Michael Brown was shot and killed there by a Ferguson police officer.

Flanked by newly-elected Ferguson City Council members Wesley Bell and Ella Jones, Knowles and Brown said the plaque will be part of a new permanent memorial in the area.

In an interview after the news conference, Bell said the new memorial along Canfield will include the figure of a dove, and that Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, had been involved with the planning. The metallic dove and the plaque will be embedded in the sidewalk along Canfield.

Good job, Ferguson. Enjoy all those new Mike Browns popping up in his memory.

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