Sickening: CAIR Official Arrested For Seeking Child Sex Was In Charge of Children at Muslim Youth Camp

I’ve been blogging a lot about Ahmed Saleem, the CAIR official who was arrested for seeking to have sex with a 12-year-old in Florida, and here’s one of the worst things I found. Because he worked with Muslim Youth, he was put in charge of 9 kids aged 12-14 at a Muslim camp where they were study how Islam is the “Way of Nature.”

Here’s the flyer from the event:

ahmed saleed - boys cabin -1

And on the website for the “Islamic Circle of North America,” they posted the cabin assignments. I blocked out the names of the children:

ahmed saleed - boys cabin

The Florida chapter of CAIR scrubbed their site of the glowing biography they had posted of Saleem and have denied he had a large role in their organization, despite my finding that he had run one of their press conferences were they announced they were suing the FBI. Either his friends or his family also scrubbed his YouTube account, his website and other online footprint. But you can see those here as well. 

I can’t imagine being a parent of any of these children, much less the nine that were under his care. How awful.

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