Harvard Student’s Defense of ‘Safe Spaces’ Will Make You Stick Your Head in An Oven

This incredible find from the letters section of the New York Times has been making everyone on Twitter predict that it signals the end of our grand Republic. This is the kind of person that we’re pumping out of our greatest institutions of higher learning.

Trigger Warning: intense stupidity ahead.

I found the full text at the New York Times:

To the Editor:

We are militant about justice, but the justice we seek and enact looks like healing, reparation and care. We do have demands, but not that you submit to our “etiquette,” rather that you join a culture of compassion and acknowledge vulnerability.

College students are volatile, and if our “safe spaces” seem more for hiding from ideas than for shelter from oppression, it is because we occasionally confound structural injustice (which hurts, badly) with being-in-the-world (also hurts). We are obliged as social individuals to fight the first and weather the second, and also to help others do the same.

We do have a settled philosophy. It combines an understanding of power structures with the golden rule. Do unto others as you would if you wanted to heal the pain of injustice. We ask no more than David Brooks does: to defer to the complexity of reality, and to find in our deference the kindness to care for one another’s vulnerabilities and to be honest about our own. HANNAH McSHEA

Durham, N.C.

The writer is a student at Harvard.

I especially like the tortured philosophical term, “being-in-the-world.” I have a feeling this chick is gonna be seeking a lot of “safe spaces” while being-in-the-world with her enormous student debt and Heidegger books to cling to.

Sooper-Meme Time!! It’s The Right-Wing Versus Commie Leftist BIKER BRAWL!!!