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MORE Liberal Hypocrisy: Left-Wing Network Paid Male Host 14 TIMES More Than Female Co-Host!!

There’s only two gears over at MSNBC – racism and sexism. While they hysterically screech on and on about the gender wage gap, which is about 99% fictitious, one of their hosts just recently revealed the insane wage chasm between two hosts on the same show but on different sides of the gender line.

From Glamour:

MB: For anyone who loses a job, it is personal. Having said that, you can’t walk into interviews wearing that firing across your face and in your posture, and I did. My way of reinvention was to start at the bottom again. I begged for a job at MSNBC doing news cut-ins, which was a huge departure from being a top CBS correspondent. Then Morning Joe came out of the blue because I was in the right place at the right time.

CL: And then you learned that your cohost, Joe, was getting paid so much more than you.
MB: Yeah, literally 14 times more. But Joe had cut a great deal for himself with his negotiating skills. He helped me learn that, and I used some of his skills to fix my problem.

WOW!! The rest of the time they’re whining about a fake 23% wage gap, meanwhile Joe Scarborough was making a whopping 93% more than Mika! LOL!

Even more funny, it took a Republican sexist man to help her get more equitable pay. She continues:

CL: So you were being paid less just because you hadn’t asked for more?
MB: Because I hadn’t asked in the right way. I tried to fix it four times. I apologized my way in: “I’m sorry. I know this is a bad time for the company. I know I cut the deal, but….”

CL: What finally worked?
MB: When I was ready to walk. That’s the ultimate power. I went in and said, “Listen, this show is doing well because of both of us. If you think you can do [as well] with just Joe, cool. If you think I’m part of this, you’re going to have to fix the problem.” And [my boss] did.

Now notice exactly the wording she uses – her boss “fixed the problem.” Does that mean they make the same amount of money or only that she now makes more? I find it telling that she doesn’t say which…

So, is there ANY Republican bright enough to simply ask her if she’s earning the same as Joe Scarborough the next time she’s whining about wage inequity? No. Because Republicans are idiots and terrible at messaging.

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