The ONE Thing Dana Perino Agrees With Hillary On… And You Might Too!!

I was shocked to find that the lovely and brilliant Dana Perino actually tweeted in approval of something that deplorable Hillary is being reported as saying. Until I saw what it was…

Here’s the tweet she posted from Alex Pappas, a reporter for the Daily Caller:

Here’s the excerpt he cites:

“…there was a problem with the thirtieth. Someone mentioned that Saturday, April 30, was the night of the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner – where the president was expected to speak. How would it look, they asked, if the president was at a black-tie dinner joking around with a bunch of reporters in the beautiful Hilton Hotel ballroom in Washington, D.C., while a group of Americans were dying on a failed mission in Pakistan? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shot down that concern with a well-placed response. “Fuck the White House Correspondents’ dinner,” she said. “Heaven help us if we make an important operational decision like this based on some political event.”

If you’ve ever seen the White House Correspondents’ dinner you’d definitely feel the same disdain that Perino has for the thing. Still, I could definitely see Hillary rewriting the events of that day, and making up a quote like that just to show that she would never, ever, ever ever ever put politics in front of an “important operational decision” of national security importance.

Like, oh I dunno… ordering increased security at an embassy, or admitting that we suffered a terrorist attack even though it might hurt your political career? Sound familiar?

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