Authorities Hunting Down The MURDEROUS Prison Escapees Should Check HILLARY Campaign Volunteers!

Apparently one of the evil murderous thugs that escaped from the upstate New York prison last week was a big fan of Democrats, if we can judge by these paintings he made while in prison.

Hmmm.. you’re telling me a guy who used sex to bust out of prison is a big fan of slick Willy Clinton?! Oh wait, that makes a lot of sense.

Then there’s this:

Both guys have swindled their way out of prison, but only one started IN prison!

And in what I’m sure will make the Hillary 2016 campaign very happy:

Now it all makes sense!! They escaped out of prison so that they could help with the campaign! I’m sure Governor Cuomo will be willing to grant them their freedom once he hears they just wanted to help a fellow Democrat win!!

[h/t buttfeed]
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