‘Black Twitter’ Responds to Rachel Dolezal’s Interview

Have I told you lately how much I love the Rachel Dolezal story? Because I do. This morning she finally spoke out on the Today Show, and I don’t think black people appreciated her comments very much. Here are some tweets from “Black Twitter,” but I have one caveat – given the recent rise of white people pretending to be black, I cannot vouch for the blackness of all these people. Reader beware!!

Dolezal Destiny!!!

Whiiiiiiiiite Privilege!!!


This is my favorite though:

What the hell? LOL! That makes no sense whatsoever. Somehow blacks being fooled by Rachel Dolezal is Republicans’ fault!!

Notice also that many of these are contradictory to the others – her being praised is proof of white privilege, but her being criticized is because of white racism! I love it. So much.

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