Rush Limbaugh Quotes El Sooper On Air!! AGAIN!!

Well this was really cool. Golden EIB broadcaster and lovable fuzzball Rush Limbaugh mentioned me yesterday on the air to his millions of listeners, and then again today! This time he actually quoted me at length too!

Here’s the entire clip of him discussing my post:

Sooper Mention by El RUSHBOOO [click here]!!!

I guess he liked my explanation of this video we posted at the Right Scoop:


Here’s the text he read on air:

Occasional MSNBC guest and professional idiot Michael Eric Dyson went on some incomprehensible rant about how Rachel Dolezal’s parents are asking her to stop betraying whitey and that she’s actually more black than a conservative African-American like Clarence Thomas.

And this after mentioning my website yesterday! WOW! Two days in a row! It is truly an honor to have such a conservative legend mention me, especially since he was one of the reasons I became conservative! You’re the best, Rushbo!!!

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