Liberals ATTACKING Chuck Todd For Gun Segment Accused Of ‘Reinforcing White Supremacy’ LOL!

Liberals are freaking out over a segment that Chuck Todd aired this morning on “Meet the Press” that had men talk about the consequences of using a gun to kill someone else. He talks to men who are in prison for murder with the use of a gun.

Here’s the segment:

Why are liberals getting their panties in a twist? Because all the inmates in the video are African-American! The queen of the morons is crap-scribbler at “Crooks at Liars,” Karoli:

It presumes and oozes white privilege, particularly in the claim that race and perception would somehow be overlooked because of the larger context of gun violence.

Memo to Chuck Todd and NBC News: You cannot separate the two. You cannot. When you choose to air a segment featuring black people in prison for murder — whether or not they regret their act — you ARE bringing race and perception to your viewers. From your perch, you think you can be lofty about that, but real people and real viewers will not and do not share that privilege.

Here’s just one response from one of our commenters about their perception of this segment: “This was no mistake, it was pre-packaged corporate reinforcement of white supremacy.”

I happen to think that comment is on the mark.

The Charleston massacre has raised many issues which are ripe for discussion and they all center on race, racism and white privilege. There’s plenty there to “make viewers uncomfortable” without sending a message that murderers are black people. Yes, that’s perception. But how else are viewers expected to perceive it when you’re airing a segment with its sole focus on black men convicted of murder?

Only an idiot would think that only black men kill using guns because of that segment. But in matter of fact, blacks DO commit these crimes at a much higher rate than other communities. Notice Karoli never addresses that fact! LOL! Here are some tweets about it:

Uh oh! Failed journalist but successful moron Soledad O’Brien is on the case!!


Chuck Todd addressed the furor but did not apologize. Damn you white supremacy!!!

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