Gavin McInness Out-Coulters Ann Coulter

Well this quite a night for conservatism, folks. First, Ann Coulter utterly beclowned herself by calling Nikki Haley an immigrant who doesn’t understand American History. Yeah, she was born in South Carolina. Then, Gavin McInness out-Coulters her very soon after with this tweet:

Damn dude. I sincerely hope you’re drunk.

Jon Gabriel gave the perfect responses:

And, as he points out, she’s Methodist, not Sikh.

I mean sweet baby Jesus what is going on out there? We don’t need to insult each other when we disagree, we should be able to rationally discuss these things with each other. Gavin makes it seem like a woman of East Indian descent just can’t understand America? Is there something biological that prevents her, in his mind?

What does that sound like, class? Mmm-hmmm.

I would think that her being elected twice as Governor of South Carolina might mean that she might understand the state pretty well, especially since she wasn’t elected for her race like Obama was, but because of her policies.

I defended the people who wanted to keep the confederate flag because there really is a rational position in saying that it symbolizes their culture and tradition. But when the confederate-lovers turn to pure vitriolic insults, I check out. Especially when morons are saying you can’t understand America if you’re not white.

Because I’m American but of Mexican descent. And I think I know America pretty damn well.

If you’ve read my posts on this site you’ll know I’ve defended both Coulter and McInness, but even as crazy stupid liberals made me defend those who love the confederate flag, conservatives who act like dumbasses are making me want to reconsider my position.

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