LOL! Blacks Are Angry That Hillary Said ‘ALL Lives Matter’ During Her Race-Baity Speech!!

Black Twitter has brought me so much joy lately. Today they’re bitterly angry that Hillary would dare say that “All Lives Matter” while being in a Black church!! How dare she! Doesn’t she know the race-baiting rules? This was during her idiotic speech trying to politicize the deaths in Charleston so that she can nab as many black voters from Obama as possible.

Blacks were unimpressed [note that some of these might be whites who identify as black]:

At the time of publication, this had nearly 600 retweets in just two hours.

This idiot is a prominent “Black Lives Matter” protest leader:

Here are the responses to the heinous act she committed:

It’s RACIST to say “All Lives Matter”! LOL! I get camp Hillary didn’t see that coming!

I LOVE IT!!! Hillary is gonna have to deal with the most ridiculous scrutiny from blacks because she’s a white woman instead of a half-black guy. And without that 95% African American voter bloc, she’s gonna have a much harder time winning the Oval Office…

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