Here’s The Despicable Crap The ‘Love Wins’ Pro-Gay Crowd Tweeted to an Iraq War Veteran

The “Love Wins” pro-gay marriage crowd is so full of love that some of them decided to insult and mock J.R. Salzman, an Iraq War veteran and wounded warrior. This crap is just evil:

Here’s what he’s linking to:

J.R. is not the kind to whine, he chose to retweet this garbage to show just how tolerant and “loving” the pro-gay marriage crowd is.

If that doesn’t make you angry, I don’t know what will. Feel free to tweet these despicable freaks and let them know what you think about how they treated someone who sacrificed so much for their freedom. And follow J.R., he does good stuff.


J.R. responded to the great response he’s gotten from this story:

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