There’s a LOT of ‘Love Wins’ Pro-Gay HATRED for Christians Online…

Well now that the gay rainbow floodgates have opened, there’s a whole lot of hatred online for Christians and supporters of traditional marriage. Here’s some I was able to find with a simple search on Twitter:

No idea what half 90% means. Is this common core math?

Uh.. love wins?

Whatever, dinosaurs are cool.

I… what?

I… what?

There are a lot of very loving “kill yourself” tweets:

So much love up there.

Pride goeth before the fall!!! And I don’t mean Autumn!!


What about my Latino conservative feelings, dammit?!?

Not too terribly acquainted with theology. Or logic really.

Don’t fear the man that can kill the body, but fear him who kills the soul.

The best and most intellectual tweets are always in all-caps:

Yup. And these bigoted idiots vote.

Let’s Keep A Running Tally of What Liberals Want to BAN After Their Confederate Flag Victory…