‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters DISRUPT Chicago Gay Pride Parade!! Pandemonium Ensues

The gay pride parade in Chicago sounds exactly like you would expect – complete pandemonium.

Apparently some guy drove a car through the parade route and hit some people, but not seriously.

Fights and gunshots and stabbings, oh my!!

And there were “Black Lives Matter” protesters who were disrupting the gay parade for their cause!!!

I have no idea. Are they saying gays aren’t militant enough or they should be militant for blacks, or blacks aren’t militant enough. What is going on??!?

What the hell?! “Rainbows are just reflected white light”!!! LOL!! Gay pride is raaaaaaaaaacist!!!

No more news coverage ever!! Oh wait..

Look at how noble and smug they are! LOL!

And to top it all off, there was a sink hole!!!

God’s judgment? Makes ya wonder…

And finally:

Sure. Why not. [h/t @prupaine]

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