YES!! Liberal Gun-Grabbing Creepy Nutcase Jim Carrey is ANTI-VACCINES!!

Actor Jim Carrey is out to prove that the liberal left is the “party of science” just like Islam is the “religion of peace.” Check out these tweets just chock full of sciencey goodness!

LOL! FASCISM!! This is the liberal weirdo who wants all your guns to be taken away from you. 

Yes, you idiot. You could just as easily say, drinking 20 gallons of water can kill you, but forcing all our children to drink a glass every day is no risk. Make sense? LOL!

JImbo’s all about the “science” when he thinks it backs up his gun grabbing stupidity:

Oh wait, but then mocks science because he doesn’t believe in “drugs” –

Maybe this is just another creepy ill-considered attempt to woo some crazy anti-vaxxer chick like he did for Emma Stone. 

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