Shaun King Is a Dumb Hypocrite On ‘Thug’ Being Racist

“Black Lives Matter” leader and idiot Shaun King was very upset that certain media personages were using the word “thug” to describe some black men who were involved in crime.

Here’s him being very concerned and angry GrRrR!!!

Yeah!! It’s just the same as using the word NI…. wait wait…

Oh. Well. Crap. At least he only whines about it being racist once… wait…

Uh seriously dude? By the way Shaun is at least half white so isn’t he racist for using the word?! Against himself?!

C’mon dude. You call yourself a thug!!!!

Yeah so a fifteen year old can be a thug right?

I’m guessing the answer you want is “no”?

Oh. So you WERE a thug. Or not. Forget it I give up. #ThugLife

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