The Ted Cruz Campaign Emailed Me to Correct My Post…

I got a LOT of gringos angry at me with a post I wrote at the Right Scoop entitled, “Ted Cruz’s immigration plan sounds a lot like Marco Rubio’s…

Basically, I pointed out that Ted Cruz’s immigration plan sounded just like what Marco Rubio is saying now. While I didn’t say it explicitly, many inferred from the post that we were saying Cruz copied his immigration plan from Marco Rubio.

This inference is incorrect, and I’d like to clarify that.

The Ted Cruz campaign reached out to us and politely informed us that wanting to pass strong border enforcement before addressing the rest of immigration policy has been his plan for a long time. He was advocating for this plan even when Rubio joined the “Gang of Eight” on their controversial immigration plan that included a “pathway to citizenship.”

They sent us this video where Cruz talks about it in June of 2013:

We appreciate the clarification from the Cruz campaign, and we apologize for any confusion the original post caused.

We have made up:


Also, I’d like to add that Ted Cruz is awesome.

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