Illegal Alien Isn’t “Living in The Shadows,” He’s Hosting a Show Shaming White People on MTV!

Hey you know what’s the worst way to try to convince people that they should provide illegals a “path to citizenship”? Have an illegal go around telling white people how racist they are. That’s exactly the entire premise behind Jose Vargas’ new show on MTV – does he look like he’s “living in the shadows”?

Watch below:

OH BOY. I can’t wait to watch liberal white girls whine and cry about their micro-aggressive racism while white guys stand there bewildered at this gay Filipino talking about slavery. That’s not an epithet, the dude is gay.

Basically, MTV is making an in-kind donation to the Democratic party by helping indoctrinate whites into gringo guilt. And they’re legitimizing an illegal alien opportunist to do it.

He’s already denying what’s plainly obvious LOL!

I mean, if America is so damn racist, why is Jose demanding to stay here?!? Why doesn’t he go back the supposedly race-enlightened Philippines where he came from?!?!

So you’re telling me that if we give illegals a “path of citizenship” we’ll get more gay, anti-white, left-wing activists who pretend to be “reporters” on television??! What a great deal!!!

Just kidding. Someone deport Jose already.

And tell MTV to quit being racist pendejos.

[h/t to the awesome @velvethammer!]
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