Media Bias

CNN’s Headline Absurdly Blames GOP For Obama Diversity Hire Who Ignored Chinese Hacking of MILLIONS of Records

Last night the White House said they would stand by their diversity hire Katherine Archuleta, and she made a statement to reporters saying she intended to stay at her post. Today she has resigned and the White House applauded her for her service to diversity:

Service to security? Not so much.

But watch what CNN does:

LOL! No mention of Obama at all – it’s almost as if it were completely up to the Republicans who was installed under Obama! And to make it worse, the evidence that the reporter Evan Perez cites is from anonymous Republican “aides”:

When she won Senate confirmation to lead the Office of Personnel Management, the chief objections from lawmakers who voted against her focused on Obamacare.

That was October, 2013, and the 62-35 vote reflected the political concerns at the time about how the agency, which serves as the federal government’s HR department, would implement parts of the health care law opposed by Republicans.

In nominating Archuleta, the President said: “Katherine brings to the Office of Personnel Management broad experience and a deep commitment to recruiting and retaining a world-class workforce for the American people.” The White House announcement listed a series of chief-of-staff and policy jobs in Denver and Washington before her job on the president’s campaign.

Less attention focused on the agency’s role in handling government security clearances and how it safeguards some of the most sensitive U.S. government databases.

Even less was paid to why Archuleta — whose most recent job was as a national political director for Obama for America, the President’s reelection campaign — was the person to help fix what was an agency already struggling to deal with technology problems and serious data breaches.

Aides to Republican lawmakers who voted for her confirmation now acknowledge they didn’t pay enough attention to the importance of technology in the agency Archuleta was taking over.

Brilliant! So he could have basically made it up entirely and no one would know the difference. But you trust the media, right?

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