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TPM Pushing 1969 Nixon Memo Saying Global Warming Will Destroy New York by 2000!

Are the Global Warming hoaxers so desperate they’re pushing stuff that actually discredits their movement? That’s the only rationale I could find for the morons at Talking Points Memo pushing this comical and stupid memo from 1969 to Richard Nixon:

They prattle on and on about what “could have been” if only Nixon had listened to the memo:

Moynihan, then, wrote to Ehrlichman as an ally rather than an opponent.

Acknowledging that there was as yet no accurate way to measure carbon in the atmosphere, Moynihan nevertheless suggested: “this very clearly is a problem…one that can seize the imagination of persons normally indifferent to projects of apocalyptic change.” Ever the technocrat, Moynihan then explained how carbon dioxide could change the climate, warning that, if left unchecked, it might “raise the level of the sea by 10 feet. Goodbye to New York. Goodbye Washington, for that matter.” He suggested that “fairly mammoth man-made efforts” could “countervail the CO2 rise. (E.g., stop burning fossil fuels.)”

Oh wait… they conveniently cut out one very important detail. This was the prediction for 2000 – FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!

global warming nixon memo

Ohhhh you conveniently skipped that part didn’t you TPM? LOL!

And look who they reference as an expert on Global Warming in the memo- Playboy pornographer Hugh Hefner!

Update: OK… it turns out there actually was a guy named Hubert Heffner who was the science guy for that administration. BUT, there’s no evidence proving that he wasn’t a pornographer. So suck it, critics. 

What a bunch of maroons!

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