DISGUSTING: Black Activists Take Obscene Pictures With American Flag to Beg for Money

Some pictures are floating around social media from some black activists are offending and annoying all sorts of Americans who aren’t complete dumbasses. Here’s the Facebook post of these idiots being idiotic:

nocturnus libertus flag wiping

The page has since been taken down. It had more than 8,200 shares, and linked to a donation page where people could donate to these idiots to go around the country and make obscene protests against America. Pretty classy.

Here’s the dumbasses donation page… they’ve only made a few hundred bucks:

nocturnus libertus insurrecto-riotosis

UPDATE!! The Fundly page has been taken down and their account has been shut DOWN! End UPDATE!!

Charming people huh?

It Was The NRA That Made Black Church Shooting About The Confederate Flag Says Leftist Idiot John Fugelsang!