‘I LOVE The Mexican People!’ – The Part of The Trump Speech The Dishonest Media Is Keeping From You

Whatever you want to say about the viability or seriousness of Donald Trump’s candidacy, what the media is doing to him should be a lesson to all conservatives. This is how they lie to the media to screw all of us over.

The media narrative is that Trump is a big ol’ racist and he hates Mexicans, and his followers all hate Mexicans and that’s why they support him. That’s why they won’t show you this video:

Notice, the entire crowd applauds. But I haven’t seen this clip run ONCE in all the coverage talking about how much Trump hates Mexicans. One example I caught was the Telegraph employing a misleading headline to imply that Trump said Mexicans are killing Americans. 

Whether you like him or not, if you approve of these tactics, we’re going to be less able to fight them whenever we have a candidate.

UPDATE! To USA Today’s credit, they actually did include Trump’s “love” comments in this report, and even had a half-Mexican supporter interviewed:

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