This ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Murder ACTUALLY Happened, But Black Activists WON’T Protest It

During the Mike Brown controversy, the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” slogan was meant to signify the injustice of a police man shooting down Brown even though his hands where up. Unfortunately for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, it turned out to be a lie that not even Obama’s Department of Justice could salvage.

Long before Mike Brown was killed, another young black man was murdered, and he did have his hands up, and he was shot and murdered mercilessly. But you won’t hear any “Black Lives Matter” protesters angrily assemble to denounce his killer, because he was an illegal alien.

Watch below:

Whatever you may think of Trump’s candidacy, this testimony from the father of a bright young black kid with a bright future struck down by an illegal alien is very powerful. That he says Trump is the only one who is listening to the victims of illegal alien crime says a lot about what’s missing in the 2016 campaign.

And even moreso, the fact that the “Black Lives Matter” people didn’t give a crap about this black man’s death just shows how politicized their movement is and how beholden to liberal policies they are.

One final and very important point:

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