Media Bias

Four Tweets From Donald Trump Expressing Love for Latinos Long Before He Declared

Whatever you think of Trump, it’s clear the media is screwing him over on his comments about Mexicans. He’s clarified them over and over, but they don’t care because they want to pin racism on the GOP so badly.

SO here are four times The Trumpinator expressed his love for Latinos in tweets LONG before he declared his presidential candidacy:

Here’s an extra one where he laments the unemployment among blacks and Hispanics:

I dunno. Doesn’t seem like a hateful racist to me. And if you’re still not convinced, here’s a video of the Donald yelling out that he loves Mexicans and the crowd applauds wildly. Just a buncha racists, all of them.

This Is How The Media Deceptively Crafts A Narrative Against Republicans in Two Tweets