Unspeakable Evil: Planned Parenthood Caught On Video Admitting to Organ Harvesting of Aborted Babies

A new undercover video shows evidence of a widespread practice at Planned Parenthood of harvesting the organs of babies to be aborted so that they can be sold. And the American taxpayer is helping fund the atrocity.

This video captures Planned Parenthood CEO Dr. Deborah Nucatola happily munching on appetizers while mundanely describing how they pick and choose just the right abortion to perform in order to fulfill orders for organs and others tissues.

Watch below, but we must caution you that some of the methods described are gruesome and disturbing:

We are told over and over that taxpayer money does not fund abortions, and that Planned Parenthood provides women’s health services more than they abort, but can we trust the words from ghouls that would harvest organs for money? This is absolutely disgusting and more Americans should know about it, but it’s not getting any play in the mainstream media.

Please share this story so that more people can understand the gruesome evil that is being perpetrated against innocent unborn children every day in our nation.

Update: My friend Jorge Bonilla alerted me to this petition to order the Attorney General to look into these heinous evil acts:

Here are two defenders of Planned Parenthood – there are plenty more:

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