Staten Island SHUT DOWN After ARMED Muslim Women Spotted; UPDATE! Just Paintballin’!

A man caught what appear to be four Muslims pointing weapons around in a parking lot on Staten Island. The photos have prompted authorities to search for the people and shut down various streets.


It's Getting #Real Out Here in #StatenIsland!.. Everyone Please Be Aware.. Don't Go To The #StatenIslandMall I Was Told & #GreenRidgePlaza…

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Some are saying these are just paintball guns, but you don’t hold them that way without the paintball hopper. If that’s what they’re doing it’s very foolish to do out in the open on the day after a Muslim attack within the month of Ramadan.


Thank Jesus, it was just paintballers:

Well that’s the best outcome. I don’t think officials overreacted for the reasons above. I’m just glad it was resolved.

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