Covering Up EVIL: Washington Post Changes Planned Parenthood Headline From ‘Organ Harvesting’ to ‘Research’

The horrifying story of the Planned Parenthood expose has gotten abortion-advocates bitterly angry but their left-leaning comrades in the media have swooped in to make sure that the American public knows as little as possible about their organ harvesting.

One of the best examples is the Washington Post, who white-washed their headline in order to assuage the evil of the story. This was how they originally headlined the story:

washington post PP story 02

Notice that they correctly call it “organ harvesting” which would horrify any decent person with a moral conscience.

So that just wouldn’t do.

They changed it to this:

This is what the pro-aborts argued, so the Washington Post changed their headline just to appease the advocates of baby murder and organ harvesting.

washington post PP story 01

Just so that you know which side the media is on.

[h/t @AmericnElephant]
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