Do VETERANS Support Trump or Defend McCain? Here’s What Twitter says…

Of all the people weighing in on Trump’s controversial slam against McCain’s military service record, I would think that the opinions of veterans should weigh more heavily than anyone else’s. But, as I have fired my entire political polling office after finding out they were all illegal aliens, we’re gonna have to go to Twitter and do an unscientific poll of social media.

So what do self-identified veterans say – do they support Trump or defend McCain?

Here are the McCain defenders:

And here are the Trump supporters:

I dunno where to put this guy:

It appears that the McCain defenders seem to be more representative of veterans’ opinions, at least among those on Twitter who self-identify as such. I did not attempt to skew either way, I made several searches and added in every tweet on both sides that I could find according to those searches.

So will this hurt the Trumpinator? Let me know in the comments.

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