UH OH! Black activists angry at Bernie Sanders for screwing up his RACE-BAITING tweet!!

After the complete and total debacle yesterday at Netroots where both Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley outraged and offended black activists, the Bernmeister tried to make up for it by putting out a race-baity tweet to show he’s down with the cause.

And he screwed it up.

Goldie Taylor is a frequent MSNBC commentator on race stuff, so she took notice.

Uh oh. The hashtag #SayHerName refers to Sandra Bland, who was outspoken against police brutality and was found dead in a police cell in Texas after being arrested. This is the latest crusade by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd that you’ll probably hear more about soon. I actually think the story sounds very shady, and should be investigated.

But it’s too hot for Bernie to tweet, so he deleted it and posted this instead:

THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Also it’s “problematic”!!!!

It’s sexist or something, I’m not sure. Goldie’s on the warpath:

Erasure is white supremacy!!!

Awww you done it now, Bernie!! Feel the online keyboard wrath of the Social Justice Warrior!! ULULULULULULULU!!!

I swear you guys, don’t waste your time focusing on the McCain/Trump scrap, there are SO many awesome democrat-on-democrat hit and runs online to entertain ourselves with!

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