Illegal Alien Celeb Jose Vargas ANN COULTERS Bobby Jindal – Calls Him A ‘White-Washed’ IMMIGRANT

I really can’t believe the gall of a degenerate criminal like Jose Vargas who has made a career out of being an illegal alien going out and nonchalantly calling Bobby Jindal an immigrant:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 4.28.24 PM

What a piece of unmitigated pure crap Vargas is. This is exactly what Ann Coulter did to Nikki Haley and she was excoriated (rightly) for it. But do you think any of the leftists who criticized her will say anything about their precious illegal alien doing it too? Fat chance.

But here’s the other atrocity against logic that Jose commits – he keeps saying that “dreamers” like himself are all-American because they were born here and assimilated. But then he calls Bobby Jindal “white-washed” of his ethnicity? Just who the HELL is this illegal alien idiot to tell Jindal what it means to be of a family from India and be American? How is it that illegals can be assimilated into America but Bobby Jindal being raised American is “white-washed”?!

In fact, the idiot runs an entire social media campaign questioning what it means to be American:

Funny how the definition is murky so that illegal aliens can fit in, but Bobby Jindal is absolutely “white-washing” when he was BORN and RAISED here.

You can go the hell back to Philippines, Jose, and then you can go to hell.

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