Bernie Socialist Sanders DEMANDS $15 Minimum Wage, But PAYS Interns $12 An Hour! LOL!

And in today’s edition of “look at this hypocritical liberal,” we have Bernie Sanders, the grump socialist, who demands that everyone in America pay their employees at least $15 no matter what their wages are actually worth in the free market. Now let’s see what he pays his interns!

From MRC-TV:

Included in the 62 million workers making under $15 hour are members of Bernie Sanders’ own staff. According to the senators’ website, Interns are paid only $12 an hour.

In [Bernie’s] bill’s summary, the first bullet point reads, “No one working full time should be in poverty. It is time to pay workers a living wage of at least $15 an hour.”

Apparently, though, Bernie Sanders’ interns are excluded from that assessment.

And here’s a screenshot:

Bernie Sanders interns 12

So how come their labor isn’t worth $15 an hour? And could it possibly that if their labor isn’t worth that much, then there are reasons why others’ labor might not be worth that much either? Not to socialist morons.

And here’s an intern on his first day:


Speaking of Bernie, that reminds me of the video I made that showed what a liar he is about CEO pay:

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