The Terrible Reason Why #AnotherBoy Is Trending

The hashtag #AnotherBoy is trending nationally on Twitter, and though it’s a good thing it is, it’s for a terrible reason:

PPact itsaboy

It’s from the fourth video exposing the organ harvesting of abortion provider Planned Parenthood from the Center for Medical Progress.

It’s worth watching:

In the video, as the abortion technicians are pecking at the remains of an aborted baby as if they’re deciding what sushi to eat, one says, “it’s another boy!”

Would you say that about a “clump of cells”?

pp undercover video

The Center for Medical Progress is being stymied by a California judge from releasing some video, but this is damning enough. Please share and keep #AnotherBoy trending. It’s up to us because the media will make sure Americans are kept ignorant of the horrible things happening in our country.

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