LOL! MSNBC Host’s Last Word On Her Cancelled Show Is An EXPLETIVE!

Well what the heck, if you’re the host of a low-rated show on a network no one watches and you’re just cancelled, you might as well end it on a low note:

Stay classy there Wagner!!

You’re FIRED!! MSNBC Utterly GUTS Their News Shows!!

Email Release PROVES Questions Were LEAKED to Hillary Before ‘Meet The Press’ Interview!

It’s Friday News Dump day, and with the release of another batch of Hillary’s State Department emails, they’re hoping Americans will be too eager for the weekend to care what we find.

This is what reporter Charlie Spiering found:

Isn’t it nice to have “friends” at a news outlet that can leak questions to you so that you’re ready before an interview? Mediaite reports that Gregory didn’t get a chance to even ask the question because Hillary brought it up herself – but that would have happened anyway, right? And notice – she assumes that Hillary “probably already knows this,” as if she just generally gets all the questions before an interview.

Now do you think anyone at “Meet the Press” will be pressured about this at all?! Don’t make me laugh.

Ahh that reminds me a certain Bloomberg hack who made fun of conservatives about something similar:

Who would ever think that the media was in the tank for Hillary? LOL! I wonder if Mark emailed Hillary to let her know he was gonna send out this tweet.

The Terrible Reason Why #AnotherBoy Is Trending

WATCH This Democrat Party Official ABSOLUTELY CHOKE When Asked If Democrats Are Socialists!

This has got to be one of my favorite videos so far this election season. It’s not just that it’s Democrat National Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who is a wretched foul waste of oxygen, but that it’s liberal leftist Chris Matthews absolutely going medieval on her with his domineering questioning. I love it!

Watch the greatness below:

I think Debsters just assumed, as we all did, that “tingles” (as he’s nicknamed by conservatives on the internets) would give her a free pass and toss her some softball questions about how awful the Republicans are and how aborted baby fetuses would all grow up to shoot endangered lions in Africa. Little did we know that he had a bone to pick with her, and it was not his funny bone.

Matthews seemed to want to press her into admitting that they were trying to stick socialist upstart Bernie Sanders in a corner to keep him out of the spotlight. And he made it clear that he would not let that pass.

What happens next is one a half minutes of dem-on-dem crime that makes me laugh and smile very broadly.

Planned Parenthood Takes Down Their Website, Blames ‘EXTREMIST’ Hackers!


Watch Stupid Hippies Do What Stupid Hippies Are Best At: FAIL

I don’t even care to know what the details are about this story. A bunch of stupid hippies did stupid hippy things, utterly failed, and the cops had to put themselves at risk to save these degenerate morons.

Watch below:

Ugh. Don’t these cops have guns??!?!

Planned Parenthood Takes Down Their Website, Blames ‘EXTREMIST’ Hackers!

SooperPodcast #156! SooperServatives And Racist Ice Cream Truck Songs

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Guess What Happened When I Called The #Cuckservative Slur ‘Racist’?

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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‘The Young Turks’ Steven Oh Deletes DESPICABLE Tweet Saying Prolifers Never GRIEVE Over MISCARRIAGES

It looks like the Planned Parenthood pro-abortion bloodthirsty lobby is absolutely losing it. Here’s the Chief Operating Officer of “The Young Turks,” a left-wing commie YouTube channel, actually accuse pro-life people of not caring about their miscarriages:

What an idiot. A follower of mine pointed out that he was outrageously exaggerating the claim, as there are not anywhere near 10,000 miscarriages a day. But that’s besides the point – he’s saying that pro-life people don’t care about miscarriages? What a piece of trash.

I guess when you don’t care about chopping up unborn children, you have to imagine your opponents are much worse.

After a ton of people excoriated the idiot for mocking their grief at their miscarriages, he deleted the tweet. No apology though.

What a degenerate.

Obama Deploys Foreign Policy Advisers Jack Black and Morgan Freeman to Celebsplain Why The #IranDeal is Awesome!

You’re FIRED!! MSNBC Utterly GUTS Their News Shows!!

Ahhh we all knew it was coming, but it’s so sweet when the axe finally falls!! MSNBC announced that it’s gutting its news lineup and tossing out some of their terribly unpopular and boring news “talent”!

From Mediaite: 

Multiple reports today seem to confirm what Mediaite first reported last week: MSNBC is officially pulling the plug on The Cycle.

Last week, Mediaite columnist Joe Concha was the very first to break the news with an exclusive report that MSNBC planned to cancel The Cycle, along with Now with Alex Wagner and The Ed Show.

TheWrap’s Jordan Charlton reports that the 3 p.m. show is officially cancelled; current co-hosts Krystal Ball and Abby Huntsman will both leave the network. The fate of Touré is unknown, while Ari Melber will stay on as the network’s foremost legal correspondent.

The reports also confirm Concha’s reporting that Now and The Ed Show have been axed. Details are expected to emerge in the coming days about those shows.

LOL! I couldn’t love it any more if Donald Trump himself pulled out the pointy finger and yelled, “you’re FIRED Toure!”

This is in addition to other shows they’ve cancelled this year, of Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid. Before that they had to axe Alec Baldwin’s show and that idiot Martin Bashir! Wow! That’s progressive success for you!

VIDEO: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Founder Leads Crowd In ‘Burn Everything Down’ Chant!

The Terrible Reason Why #AnotherBoy Is Trending

The hashtag #AnotherBoy is trending nationally on Twitter, and though it’s a good thing it is, it’s for a terrible reason:

It’s from the fourth video exposing the organ harvesting of abortion provider Planned Parenthood from the Center for Medical Progress.

It’s worth watching:

In the video, as the abortion technicians are pecking at the remains of an aborted baby as if they’re deciding what sushi to eat, one says, “it’s another boy!”

Would you say that about a “clump of cells”?

The Center for Medical Progress is being stymied by a California judge from releasing some video, but this is damning enough. Please share and keep #AnotherBoy trending. It’s up to us because the media will make sure Americans are kept ignorant of the horrible things happening in our country.

The Very First “Cuckservative” Tweets Show Exactly What It’s Really About

Russian Men Are Scamming ISIS Terrorists Out Of Money With Fake Selfies of Hot Women! LOL!

In this report from Putin’s favorite Russian propagandist channel, it’s reported that Chechen women are promising ISIS terrorists that they want to go join them just to scam them out of their money. Towards the end of the report, it’s disclosed that Russian MEN are doing the same, using fake pics!

Watch below:

Chechen Muslims in Russia have been accused of terrorist attacks so it’s awesome to see some of them making fools of the evil demons of ISIS.

And I would hope that someone in the Defense Department realizes that not only should we be publicizing these kinds of stories to ridicule and mock ISIS and take away their online allure, but maybe we should be running these kinds of embarrassing operations secretly.

But that would be if we actually had a competent government.


Planned Parenthood Takes Down Their Website, Blames ‘EXTREMIST’ Hackers!

Earlier today Planned Parenthood claimed that their website was under attack by “extremists.”

Here’s the website – weird how they were able to put up this message even though they’re suffering a terrible attack, right?

And what’s this? Their Facebook message was edited a whole FOUR times! It wasn’t posted four times – it was the same post edited four times. You would think they would have planned a fake attack to blame “extremists” better, but nope. They kinda suck at that.

But if you click the little “edited” tab you can see how many different times they changed the text:

But they can still beg for money, and that link works perfectly! WEIRD.

Now let’s see if their fans in the “objective” media frame this as nefarious evil hackers attacking the poor, innocent, baby-hackers.

Guess What Happened When I Called The #Cuckservative Slur ‘Racist’?

It’s really sad to see so many decent conservatives suckered into defending a racist slur like “cuckservative” because they’re stubborn about idiotic leftists calling us racist. I understand the knee-jerk reaction, I totally do. But some things are just racist.

And in this case, I think the responses to my post about it are rather instructive:



Don’t even get me started on what a cesspool of racism my comments section became on that post:

Here’s one to another conservative who happens to be a minority – do you guys really want to support this?

And they’re terribly intelligent people too, obviously much brighter than the rest of us:

This one is pretty funny – some idiot tried to say, “no it wasn’t started by those racists, it was started by this guy!!”

Oh wait, about that guy:

LOL! I don’t understand why these people are so angry at me, because they seem, with their racist epithets against me, that they agree with me that it’s racist. Why are they so angry? LOL!

Anyway, I sincerely implore reasonable conservatives to drop the hashtag. You’re aligning yourself with people who are attacking others purely based on race, especially other conservatives. It’s just hurting our cause.

WTH? Jeb Bush Says Deporting Illegals is ‘Not An American Value’

Obama Deploys Foreign Policy Advisers Jack Black and Morgan Freeman to Celebsplain Why The #IranDeal is Awesome!

If there’s anything that proves that President Celebrity thinks that politics is one big NBC reality show, it’s that he sends actors and comedians to prove to his witless supporters that the Iran Deal, a very complex agreement with many different features we can debate, is the most awesome thing since… Obama.

Watch below:

I can only imagine the kind of slack-jawed, dim-witted leftist zombie that would call his Congressman about a foreign policy deal having to do with the proliferation of nuclear weapons based on the advice of an actress who plays a hyper-sexualized lesbian on a popular Netflix show.

Well hell, I’m convinced.

That’s what Obama thinks about you, America.

Jeb Bush Says Deporting Illegals is ‘Not An American Value’

VIDEO: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Founder Leads Crowd In ‘Burn Everything Down’ Chant!

On the left people have been whining that the original “creators” of the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” have been ignored because they were three women. Well let’s give one of them some attention.

The one who got a crowd to scream “burn everything down!!”

Watch below:

At least they decry Don Lemon, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, but it seems like it’s purely driven by feminism. A weird mix of militant, feminist, black activism that encourages people to “burn everything down.”

And it’s driven by “Black Lives Matter” hashtag creator, Patrisse Cullors, who later said that they would do everything she could to shut down the Republican convention. 

Notice also, the illegal alien activist who leads the chant “if I die in ICE custody,” and then “not one more deportation.”

Another chant at about 3:40:

If I die in police custody, burn everything down!

No building is worth more than my life!

And that’s the only way motherf*ckers like you listen!

This was all during the awesome interruption of Martin O’Malley’s interview at the commie leftist convention Netroots. After this, O’Malley tried to meekly agree, saying “All Lives Matter, White Lives Matter,” and they freaked out. 

Insanely, he had to apologize later!

This is the crowd that is holding the left hostage – they’re deathly afraid to offend them because they need the black vote.

But will they endorse the militant call to violence? If we had an unbiased press, this would be asked of every Democrat candidate…

[h/t Lee Stranahan]
Astroturf! Street Flyer Promises $2,500 a Month to Protest for Pro-Abortion Causes!!

The Very First “Cuckservative” Tweets Show Exactly What It’s Really About

I really hate wading into this stupid debate, but what the hell. People are defending using the term “cuckservative” on social media as an epithet against conservatives who aren’t right-wing enough. But others say that it’s a racial term that originated in white supremacist circles:

Now, some are denying the connotation, saying it’s perfect non-racist:

I happen to dislike JEB! intensely as a candidate for 2016, but to insinuate his wife sleeps with other men is just petty and pathetic. And it fits the above definition as pointed out by Ace of Spades’ Gabriel Malor perfectly.

Still, some continue to deny that obvious connotation:

Obviously, I disagree:

UPDATE: I forgot to add these responses to that tweet:

I understand the knee-jerk reaction. Liberals call EVERYTHING racist, so we feel protective. But sorry, folks, some shit is just racist. And this is racist. It’s one thing to deride conservatives who pander by changing conservative polices to leftist policies to try to get minority votes. I get that. I dislike it, and I’m against it. I’ve written against it.

But when using the term “cuckservative” you skyrocket yourself into another level, because that has been used in a different fasion since it was first coined by white supremacists and other racists. Here’s the proof.

This is the first instance it was used:

This guy is actually demanding people credit him for coining it. Turns out – surprise! He’s a liberal:


And then after that, here are the rest of the instances. This is the third guy to use it:

Here’s the guy he was tweeting to – they must be good friends:

This guy tweeted the fourth and fifth instances of it:

Also charming:

The sixth instance is this guy:

He actually just seems to mean what Nolte and others say it means:

THEN we really take off… when some guy starts tweeting under the handle @Cuckservative:

It seems he begins popularizing the term. And he’s a great representative of these folks:

This has all snowballed over the last three months until some good decent people are using it and defending it as non-racist. But when you see who popularized it, and what they’re about, I don’t know how it’s defendable.

VIDEO: This Cleveland Cop NAILS ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters With Pepper Spray!!