How a ‘Black Lives Matter’ Scumbag LIED About An Arrest And A Police Cam PROVES IT

Some idiot loser caught an arrest on tape and it went viral because he made it look like the police were simply assaulting a guy for being black.

His original post has a host of anti-cop slurs that he later edited:

So I’m in the winsteads parking lot at 95th and quivira, and I’m just about to leave when I see a cop pull over some kids for bein black. They were at the left turn, so they weren’t speeding. The cop first took his livens and info, so the plates clearly weren’t bad. After calling a few of his piggie friends, they tell the driver to get out. I’m sitting in my car across the drive thru entrance watching, and now I’m definitely not leaving. I pulled out the iPad. Seems like within seconds, and without any real movement on the drivers part, they have both tackled him to the ground. They saw me recording and dragged him behind the car where I couldn’t see, so I jogged right across and stood on the grass about ten feet from them. They were literally yelling “STOP RESISTING” as the pummeled and choked this poor kid who was about my size and handcuffed, posing no threat whatsoever. Blood was pouring from his mouth and he was crying as he tried to yell, “STOP I CANT BREATH UR CHOKING ME!!” One of them asked me what the ‘fuck’ I thought I was doing, to which I replied, “I am an innocent civilian who is just making sure you’re held accountable for any inappropriate protecting or serving you might be doing.” The guys passenger was sitting frozen in his seat, clearly terrified that he was next. Within maybe 2 min, another 10 piles of bacon had arrived, all eagerly leaping out of their cars to join the beat down. One got right in my face and told me to ‘get the fuck outta here or ur going to jail’…at which point I left, shaking my head. When did it become illegal to hold our officers accountable? How is it breaking the law to be a color other than white in Overland Park? How do they have the right to assault citizens in broad daylight in the name of the law? Times are changing, pigs. You will not continue to get away with this true crime. They are the real criminals. They are the real gang. If anyone knows the guy in these pics and videos, please make contact so I can get him a copy of the video for use in court. #ftp

The red parts are what he edited out once the post went viral and he got a lot of attention.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 2.21.18 PM

Here’s the video he posted:

But you’ll notice that he didn’t record the supposed threat from police, and he didn’t record the altercation from the beginning. Of course all the black activists went nuts, because it’s obviously police brutality right? Well.. not really.

The police tell a different story:

John Harrison arrested during the traffic stop was driving on a suspended license. He had more than 20 warrants out for his arrest. When Harrison was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, Lenexa police said officers smelled marijuana wafting from his vehicle and found drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

TWENTY WARRANTS out for his arrest??! I barely have four!!!

And further on:

The video shows that Harrison resisted arrest after he was told that he was being arrested on a warrant issued by the Kansas City, KS Police Department. The video also shows that Harrison didn’t comply with officers’ commands. The 37-second video has been viewed thousands of times and outraged viewers have contacted KCTV5.

Police say Sherman’s video doesn’t tell the entire story. Police released their dash cam video as well as a picture of Harrison with a cocked fist right before they say he punched one of the officers in the face.

“You can see the officers acting very professional,” said Lenexa Major Dawn Layman. “They showed great restraint in this video.”

Layman said the officers were concerned about possible actions from Harrison’s passenger and whether there were any weapons in the vehicle.

In the video they provided, the perp CLEARLY assaults the two police officers:

So why did this scumbag have to lie about it all? Oh I might know why:

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 4.32.42 PM

OOoooohhh he’s a “Black Lives Matter” idiot, so he’s emotionally and ideologically invested in proving that cops are racist. He can’t believe that they were simply taking dirtbags off the street that have TWENTY warrants out and are willing to assault police.

Notice also how his original story makes it sound like he saw the whole exchange and the cops assaulted the guy for no reason. Either he didn’t see the guy assault the cops, or he DID and lied about it. Either way, he’s a damn liar. 

What a scummy idiot.

And of course he won’t amend his idiotic post, and people will continue to share it, perpetuating the lie.

[h/t “the neck”]
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