Airhead Celeb Tries To Zing Trump By Saying All Latinos Do Is CLEAN TOILETS

We should have known that if you asked Kelly Osbourne what she thought about Trump that she’d come up with a terribly stupid response, and she didn’t disappoint with her comment that really seems rather kinda racist against Latinos! LOL!

Watch below:

In the extended video you can see how Rosie Perez is immediately offended but everyone else runs to keep the show going and “move along nothing to see here!”

It’s because they know she’s just a stupid liberal and they’re gonna cover for her. Had a conservative said that, they’d jump down her throat. Rosie even apologized on Twitter and at the end of the show:

As of right now “latinos” is trending, and for a good reason:


AND with that idiotic statement, she’s basically saying that she believes all Latinos are illegal.

This reminds me of that idiot former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who actually yelled “we clean your toilets!” at a Latino rally. That’s what Democrats think of us, they just accidentally say it out loud every now and then.

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