Illegal Alien Celeb Who Says Illegals Pay A Lot Of Taxes REFUSED TO PAY HIS TAXES!!

The illegal alien “journalist” celebrity Jose Vargas just LOVES to rub it in our faces that some illegal aliens contribute to Social Security and pay other taxes as a way of saying that Americans OWE them citizenship:

Oh hey look here he is actually whining to ME about all the taxes he’s paid!

Oh BUT WAIT! It turns out that the IRS had to file a lien against him because he didn’t want to pay his taxes!! LOL!!!

From Red Alert Politics:

According to court documents obtained by Red Alert Politics, Vargas was hit with a $41,945.44 tax lien in a court notice on Jan. 7, 2015 for failing to pay taxes in 2010. According to the notice, the date of the assessment was Sept. 23, 2013.

And later:

The nearly $42,000 tax lien was issued because of Vargas’s failure to pay his income tax in 2010 – “the last year I worked for employers before coming out as undocumented,” Vargas noted.

“After outing myself in that article, I stopped using the doctored card my grandfather gave me–including filing my taxes with it,” he told Red Alert via email.

“As I noted in the Times essay—and as I’ve repeated in many interviews—I paid state and federal taxes using that card in the prior years, which I started using when I began working as a teenager.”

Vargas provided proof to Red Alert Politics that the overdue tax bill had been paid on Feb. 11, 2015.

“To my knowledge, the lien payment I made this year fulfills my tax liability.”

LOL! Well isn’t that special!? The illegal alien who whines that illegals pay into taxes DIDN’T PAY HIS OWN TAXES!!

And hot damn, he paid somewhere near $42k in taxes? Either he didn’t pay for MANY years, or he’s making a HELL of a lot of money “living in the shadows,” as he likes to whine about so much.

But here’s the real question – has Jose Vargas paid up ALL his taxes from the time he admits that he was committing identity fraud?

Feel free to ask Jose if he’s paid all his taxes:

Especially those he owed when he was committing fraud on the United States government.

[Also remember that Vargas is from the Philippines, not Mexico, so don’t tell him to go back to Mexico.]

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