Hey If ‘Anchor Baby’ Is A SLUR, Then Why Did Newsweek Call Obama That?!

Oh the best thing about being in politics for more than a few cycles is to see the ridiculous hypocrisy of the left and throw it back in their faces. And one of the best examples is how they’re whining and crying about how “anchor baby” is a racist epithet, when a liberal rag called their savior Barack Obama that very term just a few years ago!

From Newsbusters in 2010:

In a list of famous Americans with a parent (or both) born in another country, the un-bylined last page “Back Story” of this week’s Newsweek listed “BARACK OBAMA (Kenyan Father)” on the page headlined: “What’s So Scary About an ‘Anchor Baby’?” The brief text below the headline, and on top of the diaper, made clear the magazine’s attempt to undermine those suggesting citizenship should no longer be automatically conferred on anyone born within the United States:

There’s a movement afoot to alter the 14th amendment, the one that guarantees citizenship to anyone born on U.S. soil. Combine this with anti-immigrant policies like Arizona’s and you begin to question the idea of America as a melting pot — as a nation of mothers and fathers welcomed here to seek better lives. But the country has benefited richly from their sons and daughters (right).

An “anchor baby” is a child born to parents in the U.S. illegally, so is the magazine suggesting that Obama’s father, as well as parents of the 32 others in their list, were all illegal aliens at the time of the births of their famous offspring? Talk about flinging scurrilous allegations and encouraging the “birther” crowd.

Isn’t it weird that conservative Newsbusters seems to be more sensitive to the racist “slur” than Newsweek was in 2010? It just shows how stupidly the politically correct police policies changes from year to year, and why they’re not worth pursuing.

Now personally, I do think it’s somewhat of a slur, not per se in it’s definition but because so many racists use it maliciously against Hispanics. But on the other hand, there is no short way to say what it means – a child born to illegal aliens on American soil for the sake of gaining legal status. So I understand why it’s employed, and it doesn’t bother me – when it’s not malicious.

But that’s not what liberals say, they think it’s a complete slur, so they should be DEMANDING that Newsweek apologize to their savior Buroq Obama!!

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