Black Mom’s Epic Video On ‘Black Brutality’ Goes Sooperviral!

This video from Peggy Hubbard has over seven MILLION views after she absolutely TORCHES the “Black Lives Matter” movement by pointing out that black lives don’t matter to other blacks.

Watch below [contains a lot of expletives]:

Dayammmm Peggy drops some real wisdom in this video! She clearly states that she is not saying police brutality is nonexistent, but she simply points out that it’s somewhat hypocritical to be marching that “black lives matter” when many more blacks are murdered by evil scumbags in their own community, than by any white cops, or police of any color.

Good for Peggy – if we had decent human beings like her in every community, our country would be immensely better. And by the views she’s getting, it’s clear that many agree with her.

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