Pathetic: Trump Retweets Another ‘Bimbo’ Insult at Megyn Kelly, Fox Host Responds

I realize a lot of the base likes Donald Trump and I definitely understand what animates this anger at the establishment politicians. But this guy just seemed as thin-skinned as Obama.

This is what he tweeted tonight because Megyn Kelly is back on Fox News after a vacation:

I mean really, get over it already. And then he retweeted this post calling her a bimbo – this is the second time he’s done this:

Look even if you thought Megyn Kelly treated him unfairly, this is pretty pathetic.

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer did not appreciate it:

Is this what we can expect from President Trump? Even Obama does whine about media personalities the way Trump as. Unfortunately, it won’t persuade many of his followers, who are just as thin-skinned and humorless as he is:

For the rest of you that are more reasonable Trump followers, you have to admit this is kinda pathetic, no?

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