Virginia Killer Had Been Reprimanded For Wearing OBAMA BADGE

As we suspected after reading part of the manifesto that the scumbag crazed paranoid killer released, it seems that he was a big Obama fan.

From the Daily Mail:

Warped TV reporter Vester Lee Flanagan exasperated bosses with his ‘stiff and nervous’ delivery, his inability to use a teleprompter – and by wearing a President Obama badge during an election report, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Management at WDBJ dubbed the failed newsman the ‘human tape recorder’ because he frequently parroted what interviewees had told him rather than doing his own journalism.
Flanagan, 41, clashed repeatedly with photojournalists, belittling them in public and intimidating them with his violent temper, according to internal reports.

He was also censured for wearing an Obama sticker while recording a segment at a polling booth during the 2012 US Presidential Election – a clear breach of journalistic impartiality.
The complaints are outlined in court papers seen by Daily Mail Online that include a scathing performance review carried out prior to his termination in Feb 2013.

The Daily Mail had this letter of reprimand about the incident:

Does that mean his Obama advocacy had anything to do with the murders? No. But you can be damn sure that if he had been a Tea Party fan, they would have been more than happy to plaster that all over the headlines.

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